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home made arms...+2 or +3

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i was contemplating the idea of make some plus 2 or plus 3 arms for my trx250r. the only thing is i want it wider and not want to move it forward like a +2 +1 kit. i think i would base them off the stock arms and incorporate better materials. i plan to use 4130 chromo of the same thickness and size as stock. just i want my 250 to be a bit wider and i dont want to dump 2000 dollars on a kit when i think i could make a simple one for way less and uise the things i have lying around. i know this could be dangerous but i have plenty of mentors to guide me and i would like to start a project like this because it seems to be simple enough and not as complex as teh sand rail me and my pops are building.what measurements wopuld i need to take into consideration and what ball joints or heims would you guys recomend? thansk and this again is for a senior project which is required for me to graduate and this seems like a more tangable thing todo than try to build another sand rial by myself.
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sweet. i thought you guys would be like no dont do it you will kill your self!! but its cool that you guys will help me out. so hiems would be easier to set up than ball joints and bushings? hmmm. i only use my quad in the sand so that could be a possible solution. i have like 3 pairs of lt shocks that i got in a parts raid. one pair are works shocks other pair are 450r shocks and the other ones i do not know. and would sarting with a jig based on the stock arms be a good idea or bad?
yeah i have the stock and offset wheels. i am usin the ofset oes right now not sure how much offset they are wide though. so i have to keep the shocks were they are at stock? so build the mounts in the same place just extend everything past the shock mount? well this is very good information thanks alot you guys.
If you need them I can get pictures of +1, +2, +3 all beside stock arms so you get the idea.

Where do you plan on getting the chromoly for it? A good thing to do before you make them is
look at ALL the different style a-arms from the different manufacturers and come up with something
you can make easiest. The Laeger balljoints and bushing style is probably the easiest. Or you could
go with a complete stock size bushing for the frame and run DELRIN bushings.

Good luck and let us know how it goes and what the total cost is. I've heard Chromoly tube is only /foot.

yeah if you can get some picks of all three that would be cool. i think the place im going to get it at is something spruce not sure but we use it for our rail chromo. and you guys think i can spend less then a grand and get it right? or probaly not? and i was wondering when they say +2 are the top and bottom arns extened exactly two inches or is there some weirrd trickery going on here? thanks alot though.
well im a big guy and i like to air out my 250 sometimes in the dunes so hopefully they are strong. and i think the top ones will have castor and the bottom will be bushings. can you guys give me some links to those heims and ball joints? but i might make the caster built in to the top because this needs to be challenging for me. and after talking to my mentors does any one mind bieng my mentor?? because my mentors are more old school and dont bother with precision. and i would like to have a mentor that has some knowledge in suspension's and what not. the only thing they would do is give me information and help me along and in the end sign a paper or too after the criterian has been meet. i think all they sign is saying that i have spent a certain amount of hours talking with them and stuff and then they put there info incase they need to contact them. nothing incriminating its just a school project that i need to do to graduate. so any help is cool. and any place where i can get those pics?
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well the way id be making them i wouldnt need to bend them. it would be like a stock arm with a two or three inch extension on each but just i would make the set from scratch. and i guess having adjustable upper arms is a smart move.

so the next question: were can i get those heims and ball joints? i need 4 ball joints and 4 hiems. plus i need extened turnbuckles so i might just get some from anotehr kit or something unless i can find something to work with it.

and any one want to be my mentor?? i really need one. and hopefully it wont be too difficult.
being my mentor is some one that has had expereince in what im doing(be it welding or fabbing) and is 21 or older and has a schedule open enough to accomodate 15 hours of required mentor time. unless some one signs the papers even if i dont get a total of 15 hours. and then sign papers that say you were my mentor and give an adress just incase the judges want to contact the mentor for validification on the project.
sweet thanks dude.
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