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high compression

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What compressin do you run on your mx r's ?
Right now i have a 295 resleave, shortrod motor, with a pro desien head thats puting out around 230 psi. I ask because i am kinda of worried about head gasket and crank shaft reliabilty. Man this thing has some rip just off idle though!

On another topic i have a 265 dri pv that i ran for 20 minutes and broke a ring. when i have the cyl re-plated do they have to re-port it or do i just have to get a new piston and rings?
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I'm running right around 230 psi, and have had no problems that I can tell. And yeah, that low-end rip is sure nice to have on the track! I do have to run straight 110 fuel though, but it's cleaner anyway, and the extra grunt is worth it! ;)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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