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Fueling problem or something else

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I need some of you R experts help. This is my first R, coming from the banshee world. Barn find so I don’t know the whole history. I do know the following.
LRD pipe
CR 250 ignition
48 pilot
CEL needle, middle position
Screw 1 1/4 turns out
Main had a 188, I dropped it to a 172 and still having issues. Cuts out mid to high.
No air leaks from the ether test.

I have a short video that shows what it’s doing, but if someone wants to volunteer an e-mail I will shoot it to you. I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’m in north Texas. So I’m not at cold mountain air. I just don’t want to blow it up. It been a rough rode just getting it built back to this point.
Thank y’all for any help. I really appreciate it!


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Maybe cracked/broken reed pedal
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Reeds “we’re” good. But I will check those. My biggest fear is ignition. It’s helll finding another CR ignition.
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