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Fried CDI

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Had spark issues since I've owned this thing, about a year. Bought a hotter CDI (dynatek) and a hot coil (janssen). Didn't help. When I rode it last in the fall, fouled a plug near the truck and threw in a new one. Wouldn't start. Usually it would with a new plug. Put a new stator on last week and still no spark, checked everything again, everything checked out so I put the old CDI back in and it fired right up. Should I not have combined the hot CDI and Coil?

The other thing is, I tried a really short gapped (.016-.018") plug cause someone recommended doing that. That was the last plug it fouled before the CDI went. Could this have caused it?
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I picked up a Janssen coil and Dyna CDI, too. When I got the coil, there was no gap recommendation in the instructions, so I called up Janssen. They recommended a plug gap of 0.024~0.028", so I gapped the thing at 0.026" to test everything out - been working great. Don't know if that's what killed your CDI (doubt it, actually), but there's some gap info for you. Bad grounds are usually what get them, so check out all your grounds carefully - just an idea.
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