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freestyle pics

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just some pics i had layin around, should have some of my ramp and some shows later on

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thanx for sharing ..but.. pic quality not good ,.. get a better camera or photographer .. or both !
ha yeah i know !!! all my good pics are at my rents house next time im out and will get them on here, these were takin by a drunk friend with a disposable !
Not trying to start anything but, thats not a very nice response 2rs. Hes just sharing his pics. Maybe thats all he can afford, or wants.

Anyways those are some cool pictures! your pretty high up there.
How did they get you down from that tree in the last pic? lol
Hybrid? I don't know if its me, but it looks like the exhaust is on the left?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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