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Forum Upgrade?

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Well guys once again, the forum crapped out while doing an update. I now have my own software to host the forum my self , which saves having the middle man. .... So i threw this together the other night once the other one all of a sudden stopped working. This one will have image uploading / hosting capabilities, and will be adding a "garage" feature l ike on If you guys like this setup, we can keep it. I am going to talk to the host company and get the old forum fixed, so that we can either go back to that....... or just keep it for informational purposes and just use this one to post/ chat / upload images on. let me know your thoughts guys!
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I like the layout, but have to say I hate uploading pics now. The pics dont look very good for some reason once uploaded, and there is no way to put text between multiple pics??? When I uploaded a pic it immediately showed up in the message box, and there was no way for me to put text in under that pic, then post more pics. Ive got alot of great pics from a SLR camera from today, but Im not going to upload them one pic and one reply at a time.
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