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Shit happens. :p

i got a metal fmx ramp in the specs u listed it was built to fmxramps spec 2 blueprints i bought used, if i was going to get another i would consider a trailer ramp and even a non dirt landing, but im building my dirt landing now, i just ran into some cash flow and getting enough dirt will cost around 1k to 1500if u bought it all
there is a guy i could put u in touch with who built mine who might build another, the thing is getting one side built takes around 80 hours per him and then you csn tack weld and use the other side to keep the angle , b/c each time you make a weld it alters the angle some, so if he had a ramp he could use to help build yours it would be alot cheaper on time, i feel i got a good deal on mine b.c he was building a bigger one and was mooving and i bought a used one but it was in great shape and had the transfer already so i got lucky, im in the south east and he was also so it was sheer luck most people are in the west cosast but like sheldon riggs has an awesome track to say the least and its all dirt as far as i know and its a freestyle track
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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