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First Ride Report Pics and vids

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Well the long awaited ride report on my new esr310 I bought from esr310r on here. First off it ran great and way powerfull. After about 2 hours on it we took a break to eat and chill. So it sat for about 30 minutes or so. Got back on her and it was a total pita to fire up. After about 20 kicks it started. Seamed to idle fine and the wife and I took off. Got about 50ft down the road went to give it some gas and it started to go baaaarrrrooooommm dead. Steered it to the side of the road and kicked that biatch for 20 Minutes.. No starty. So I pushed it back to the truck and loaded up and went home. When I got home I tore it down and went through the gambit of checks.. I found that I am getting no spark!! Why would that be guys? Do ignitions on these things just go? What do I do??

I'm having problems with the link to photobucket..
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If it keeps fouling plugs after this new plug goes in, that's a sure sign that the wet-side crank seal is bad...
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