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like what i see. is that a 350pv? whats your opinion on a 350pv stroker vs 310pv stroker? got a rebuilt motor just sitting waiting to be split, case bored and stroked. riding mx and fast trails but want to go larger than 69 bore on oem with 4mil stroker that i have now. its fast but i want something to tear my arms off. i have no problem plunking down 4k on a sphnyx 363 but in my area i have nothing to compare it to as far as overkill. want to do it right the first time cause trial and error u cant get ur money back or even close if i wanted to upgrade again. wish i could just ride a bunch of quads and get off a say....yup thats the one i want....and build my own. be a copy cat lol. thanks for any info. good or bad.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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