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I know that Ryan was looking for an article awhile ago on Danny LaPorte. I dont know if this is much use but its some quotes I have from an interview awhile back..

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Transworld Motocross Interview.

Sunday Aug 19, 2007

X: Brad, you have a life that any California kid could only dream of. When you went for the FIM Championship, the odds were against you. Americans hadn’t won a championship to date when you entered. What was your motivation going into motocross?

Brad: Hey thanks, I would have never imagined that I would be the one going home with a title. Believe it or not, it is still surreal to me that I got the sponsors and support around the time I did. If it wouldn’t have been for Yamaha and their support, I would have never been in contention for the title. I was mentally spent until Yamaha came around with a deal.

X: There were a lot of unanswered questions about your feud with Suzuki. Are you willing to tell us a bit of what happened?

Brad: The shady part of the deal was that Suzuki still had a two year contract with me. I remember sitting down with Scott Budzynski who was the team manager at the time. I expressed my frustration with them cutting me off and all they had to say was that they were spending too much money on me and that they were simply unhappy.

X: Many say this was the reason why you were “mentally spent”

Brad: Oh, no doubt about it. I trained in Belgium from the beginning of January rain or shine. I spent countless months training with them and testing products out with other members from the Suzuki team. When they released me, it was shocking to me since I was the only one putting in any results. Jim Perry had been out for several months on end because of an injury. So instead of cutting him, they trimmed the fat on the team by cutting me. To say I was mentally spent is almost an understatement.

X: That was a tough time for many riders. I remember Roger DeCoster almost being let go and he had just won a championship for Kawasaki.

Brad: Yea it was a sticky situation for a lot of us as I said. I actually remember talking to Kawasaki around the time they were going to let DeCoster go. Suzuki knew that I talked to the team manager and asked me where my frustration was. I told him that I was getting paid by Kawasaki and Suzuki when on the other hand; I was doing my best to beat them.

X: Sounds dangerous, but from the looks of it, it really worked in your benefit.

Brad: It really did. By the end of the meeting he was already asking me to come back for a second visit. I didn’t even hesitate for a second. I was back in that office bright and early the next morning because I knew there was a renewal contract waiting for me. The next morning I met with Scott again and all he had to say was “sign the dotted line and we go and race.”

X: I could imagine that you were happy to be back on with Suzuki.

Brad: I was more than happy. They had just put in a facility in California where I would be able to train through the winter. I stayed in California and later won the Golden State Series while keeping warm and dry. I even got a new trainer who had come over from Yamaha by the name of Dean Miller.

X: I trained with Dean for awhile and he was something else to work with.

Brad: Dean was amazing. He could not only get me in shape for my events, but he could ride one hell of a dirt bike.

X: When I worked with Dean, he was the one teaching me how to ride out on the track.

Brad: He rode bike his whole life and decided to keep it a hobby instead of going mainstream. I remember looking up to him when I was racing 50’s and admiring the way he rode. It’s a shame he never took racing seriously because he had a lot of potential. If he would have stuck with racing and not went back to school, I wouldn’t be sitting here today. That man would have easily taken the 500 class by the reigns and drove it to a new level. Its people like Dean that I was motivated by and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have ever had the drive to go for a world championship.

X: You have made a tremendous impact on the sport and have changed the way it is viewed. You opened the door for many American riders to race internationally.

Brad: I appreciate the respect I have gotten from the motocross community. I think that even if I weren’t to come along, there would have still been riders to step up. It may have been a longer wait, but they would have come. I see riders now a day like Ernesto Fonseca that have been putting in record times in practice alone. The times this kid has been putting in can’t even be achieved by some professionals in a race environment. I have tremendous respect for these kids and would like to get back into racing someday.

X: When you say “getting back into racing,” what department do you want to get back into?

Brad: You act as if I can’t ride anymore, ha-ha. But no, I see myself getting into the management portion. I would love to be a team manager like Roger DeCoster and Danny LaPorte who were my old racing buddies. Only time will tell.

X: Thank you for your time Brad. I appreciate you taking a moment and answering our questions...

Brad: Thank you too. I would also like to thank the guys at Suzuki and all the people that made it possible to get where I am today. Without support, I would have never been in this chair today.

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Hey thanks a bunch once again man.. I did a report on Danny and I used these quotes. Then I get accused of plagerizing. Absolutely rediculous but thanks none the less..
I got your e-mail awhile back too. Sorry I didnt respond I had to get a new adress and I never saved these quotes. Thanks again I owe ya..
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