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Im wanting to do the ct racing 370 non pv kit with a 4 mm stroker crank in my R i ice race and some mild track racing just a little mx track in my home town Im wondering if anyone has input on this kit and wondering what supporting mods ill need or want. do i send my motor to ct racing? im new to the R world im 15 and can ride a quad pretty well and just want a insane in your face power im racing with a 273 and blow the boors off banshees and 450s and just want to give the built 450s a run for there money any help/advice would be supper helpfull
wanted to do the same thing and ct said that the 350pv is a much better all around motor so that's what I went with. frame gussets are recommended when pushing up the power, everything else is built well enough. ct will check out your motor and tell you if you need to rebuild/replace anything and you will get back a fine running motor. change your ignition and by all means get in touch with ace Carlos on this site or at bdt motor works . very helpful and knowledgeable about these quads and trikes. he also does big bore rebuilds.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts