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couple pictures from saturday.

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rebel and i went riding saturday. nice weather. high teens low twenties so it was nice and comfortable. we got snow early this week and then it got just above freezing for two days in a row, then it dropped down to around 10 for two nights. i was hoping for real crusty, icy snow and some sled trails. instead the snow was real fluffy, things werent frozen over yet and no snowmobiles had been out! fun none the less. by the end of the day i had ripped all but two studs out of my rear tire. too many log and rock crossings. so im going to have to re-think how i stud my tires. i wont mention how many times reble went down. *cough* 10-12 *cough* heres a couple pics, the cold zapped my camera battery so i couldnt get many. reble has a few more hopefully he'll post up.

the best thing about bikes, no trailer needed.

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i'd like to try. im hoping i can find a large private pond, locally that i can try it out on.
nice cold air intake volks. :lol:

there was 4-6 inches on saturday, more in the drifts. the bikes did better than i expected. was even able to ride some gnarly off camber single track.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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