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Hello all,

I went out to fire up my R. After about 6 minuts of warm up I pulled in the clutch(it's super tight) and put the machine in first gear upon which it died out. The machine is acting like it doesn't recognize the clutch at all. I didn't have time to play around with the cable(had a video conf meeting) but I will try that a bit later today after work. Please understand I'm not much mechanically inclined at all, of which you might ask 'why own an R' which is a very valid question - part of my reason of buying this machine is to learn how to work on a two stroke quad, and I've had a lot of fun so far and look forward to more.

So any ideas on the clutch? Thank you!

Addendum: I finally had a chance to play around with the clutch cable. Turns out the major adjuster was way out of whack. Loosen up the minor adjuster readjusted the major adjuster and then fine-tuned with the minor adjuster to get it just right. That did the trick! Simple Solutions first correct?
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