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CK-109 Hot Rods Crank loose fit

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After splitting my cases to check the crank/bottom end, I found that the crank will slide right into the case/crank bearing with little effort and will also slide right out as well. I am thinking that this is a sign of major wear on either the crank and or bearing or both?

Guidance greatly appreciated.

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Only way to know for sure is to mic them. Since you have split the cases I would suggest replacing the bearings.
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One side may be an interference fit while the other is a slip fit--tight but can be pushed on by hand. I can't remember for sure, it has been a while since I serviced the crank. It may also be a matter of whether you're dealing with an OEM or aftermarket crank. If both sides slip, then you probably have a wear issue.
If it's wore out and doesn't come up in spec I have a complete bottom end. Just saying
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