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Anyone have a set of these paddle type they don't want?

I see they're seasonally ordered. Out of stock.

If you've used they bite hard or... slip a lil ?

Purpose of my use 300 ft
Strung out 253cc using 4snows currently. I +6 the rear, haven't raced since. Poor thing Sat untouched last it back up to point of adding fuel n coolant. Now in storage. Back then had coolant leak...replaced seal twice... gave up hope. Tit was the impeller being cracked, blew my mind.
So now I'm all horned up to break 4.8 4.9 this May. Previous best w stock swinger 5.18
So asking bout tires....I give you this ^^^^^^^^^
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Plant
Tire Wheel Plant Automotive tire Vehicle
Wheel Tire Plant Vehicle Automotive tire
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