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They used these kits I believe to race in the 200 class with an ATC250r,and from what I've heard, were pretty friggin fast! K10Seibel has a restored 200r in a thread here I believe. And Carlos(BDT) knows quite a bit about the Selvy's stuff. There is more info on the 3 wheeler sites(.org and Def rare piece of history, and have seen VERY few for sale. I have a selvy's trx top end, sectional pipe and silencer,that I really would like to keep but probably gonna sell :( to fund the dune build.
I currently have a 1985/86 Selvy ported cylinder with fresh sleeve/bore/port match with Wiseco piston, pin, clips. and wrist pin for sale. All work was done by LA Sleeve. Just looking to sell it. I figure the port job is the deal.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts