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Its saying new its a hb9 it also said with warranty 149 bucks.
So i guess its nos ?
P.S dont buy it I need it. lol:mad:
BDT stocks the same SHINDENGEN OEM CDI for the 250R. It is listed on eBay under 250RTRIKES:

Or at Bad Dog Toys Motorsports:

SHINDENGEN is the original CDI manufacture for the Honda ATC250R & TRX250R, they are still a major electronic & CDI manufacture for Honda as well as other manufactures. You can't go wrong with a New
SHINDENGEN CDI, it is the same identical CDI Honda sold in every respect; not an imitation.

No matter who you purchase your new
SHINDENGEN Honda CDI from, it is a great product. Do keep away from using all aftermarket CDI's...

1 - 2 of 17 Posts