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Building a jump.

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I have brought in 5 loads of dirt and made a practice track. Its got several doubles, a small step up and a whoop section. The track is fun but I want a big jump.
I did some scouting today on my parents farm and found a spot where I can build a step up in the 130-160ft range. Its gona be big, but deffinately doable. The biggest jump Ive found at any mx track around here is 110ft, and Im itching for something really challenging.

Here are some pics of the busiest part of the track. If its not raining I will take some pics of the spot I want to build the big step up.

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that step up should be awesome, make sure you get pics
OK BlacKeR has first dibs on my R when I die.

Now here are some pics of the location I want to build the jump. There is another location I could build a jump the same size, but its going to be kinda like a table top and It would probably require alot more dirt. Ive got to think about it alot more.

Where the tire tracks are is where the launch will be, I will need to pile ALOT of dirt there. The landing will be just past the cedar trees in the back ground.

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Here is a pic from the side. The launch is at the tree line on the very left and the landing zone will be about 20 ft past the cedar tree in the right of the pic.

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One more. My truck is sitting on the landing zone and the launch is the tree line at the bottom of the hill.

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Maybe this is more clear. Launch and landing are circled.
lol thats a pretty flat landing
I havnt started building it yet...
good luck, that'll be pretty sweet when its done!
Oh yeah cause 110ft isn't challenging :D

Track looks like fun
anything ever get built?
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