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best sounding pipe on a R

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Want to know your all opion on the best sounding pipe on a trx250R... at idle and wide open... like to here your opinions?
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center mount esr9 or esr11 pipe

love how my 9 pipe revs out and how it sounds when putt putting on the shore line ,always gets looks from people
I always liked the sound of sparks and big bore lrds.
Personally i think they all sound the same.
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I kinda have to agree with Burns. They all sound close to each other. Close enough that you can tell it's a R when you hear it. I like my sparks, but imo it's the motor mods you have that really make one R sound different from another R.
Agreed Not enough sound difference , the question is what kinda power do u want out of it
sparks. Not because i think it sounds better but its what I have so that has to be the best......haha
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I agree too. Unless you got some pos dg pipe from the 80's their kinda close stock eng wise. Dont want to get off track but pm me if u have a opinion on fmf fatty vs esr trx5. They put out exact same dyne stats. Most say fmf is basic crap but I love the pinging sound it makes. I have never actually seen the trx5 but from pics it look identical to fatty. If im wrong set me straight please? In the same circuit silencer has the same exact sound and round shape as the esr silencer.
I guess they all sounds similar, I like the way my Sparks MX pipe sounds. Also depends on how old your pipe is and if it has any packing in it still lol
Burns350r got it right; they all sound the same. Keep fresh or new packing material and they sound deeper. A shorter Muffler, Higher Compression, ect...also makes for a deeper sound.

whatever sounds good to you and performs the way you need it to is what you should run. But virtually all sound similar.
I personally like the Saber with a shearer pipe... sounds nice an throaty...

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Maintain your muffler. The biggest differance you will hear that will make you raise your head to see what that is going by is a blown out muffler.
If you don't care about performance I think the fmf fatty pipe and silencer sound the best on a stock cylinder. I think the lrd silencers sound the worst followed by the esr. I do like the ct silencers with the turn down and find that they have a pleasant sound.

I thought I was the only crazy person who payed attention to silencers.

Some of you other old guys may need to get your hearing checked.
The centermounts sound like worn-out regular silencers, I think the Duncans have a pretty deep grunt sound, and the FMF sounds a little too "muffled" to me. I have an oldschool FMF pipe that seems to make a lot of noise from within the expansion chamber itself, the material is really thick compared to other pipes. I actually like the sound of my ESR regular mount with my 344, it has a good deep crack to it yet is not overly loud.
I have not heard many pipes, but of the 6 or 7 I have heard, I really like the esr centermounts, they sound just like the regular mounts, but louder. And maybe a little more pop in them.
Iv heard some R's pipe sound real tingy at idle like u can realy hear the ting of the head pipe, and some pipe you cant hear that pipe at all... i kinda like that tingy idle sound just dont know wich pipes doit... heard one on youtube but the guy never showed the pipe
My brothers bike has a old school FMF rev pipe and silencer, it has a real tin sound at the expantion chamber and it is crisp from thesilencer, I have ran PT pipes on my R and they all seem to be a little deeper more throaty sounding if that makes sence. Both are similar builds, non big bore. Neither one sound as good as my CR500….
a clean pipe (inside) that is tuned lean will have a much more pronounced tinging sound, thinner race pipes also have that sound.
Shorty silencers give a crisp sound when properly jetted - but I ran Sparks TT's for years and loved the sound.
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