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1987 TRX250R. Stock carb. I just bought it and it is way rich. I want to redo the carb completley. FMF full exhaust and a boysen rad valve, otherwise it is stock(Thats what I was told). Freshly rebuilt with stock size cylinder.

Mixture ratio and fuel: 32:1 93 pump fuel and amsoil dominator oil.

Keihlin Carb PJ standard bore

Main Jet size: Have not been inside yet.

Slow (pilot) Jet size:Have not been inside yet.

AirScrew (number of turns out):Have not been inside yet.

Needle (what groove is the clip in, Brand, etc):Have not been inside yet.

Reed brand and type:Boysen Rad valve

Airbox: List any mods to include filter no lid on airbox

Pipe: What brand and type fmf full

Engine Displacement: standard 250cc

Compression ratio: stock

Porting type:stock

Altitude: where you normally ride 500-1500feet.

I just want to know what to order for now. I read that OEM jets are best, better build quality. Is this accurate?

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nobodys gonna give you the exact jet size you need, nobody knows. check to see what sizes are in your carb and go from there. it's rich so you're gonna need some smaller jets. a mikuni jet is a mikuni jet, keihin is the same way, they won't interchange. you're using a keihin carb so you need keihin jets. an oem jet is whatever is in the carb, since it's a keihin carb --->keihin jet, which would be an oem jet.
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