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Banshee vs 250r

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Well a few month back I rode a 250r for the first time. It was an 86' with a pipe. I was really impressed with how well they handle and how goos the suspension is. I love how light they are and the power comes on nice and smooth. I am used to riding a banshee and even wiht a -2" swingarm it doesn't hook up very well in the dirt. The 250r stays straight easier and pulls hard through the corners while my banshee spins and gets sideways. Also the stock 250r suspension seems really nice even just as nice as my aftermarket suspension. I think the weight and geometry of the bike help out alot. My banshee is a blast to ride but I hope to pick up a 250r the really put down the 450's

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Yeah it's her blaster. It is for sale $2400, but it is supposed to be gone tomorrow. She is gonna get another bike, probaly a 450. She can outride her blaster so she need a bigger bike with better suspension and more power. She might get a 250r but probaly a 450 becuase she can get a brand new one. She bought the blaster because she is only 5'2 and 105lbs. She is full grown also at 23yrs. If I knew she was gonna be this in to it we would have bought her a 450.

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Dude that's a way cool pic.. Good news man I'm selling my wifes quad this Saturday. So I'll have the money for that 250r on here!!! If all works out I should have that bad boy in my garage either Saturday or Sunday night!! Wife is going to ride my ltr450.. I think she is ready for it. For her it's like going from a VW to a Porche
Nice man, I really like that one and I hope it's not gonna be long before I can get my 250r. I think I'm gonna buy my uncles stock ones and build it. It will cost more but I will be able to pick out everthing
Yeah, once I buy the bike stock I can probably take most of the 450's out there, J/K. When I rode the 250r out there it seemed like I was hauling ass on the track. It would have been interesting to have a stop watch and my banshee there.

Hey is it true the 86' weighs 357 dry? Like 30lbs more than the 87', 88', and 89?
ok thanks for the reply
Sorry man It is getting picked up today for $2400. It has a green sticker with hydro front brakes, aftermartket suspension and a-arm, g-force axle, project blaster exhaust. The brakes are $300, suspension and a-arms were $1000, axle $200, exhaust $400. I know we can't get all the money back but the bike is nice.

P.S we are talking about a bike in Ca. They hold their value a lot better than back east.
Hey welcome brocogurl!! SO the yfz450 hey, not looking at the ltr?? Great quad, you must ride mine I should make it out there to the hills next weekend. Maybe another getogether? I should have my new quad this saturday, so it will be the maiden voyage for it. Were's george??
yeah too bad she won't have a bike to ride...I think she should get the yfz450 becuase it is light and I have heard good things. The ltr looks good though especially already being 50" wide. I am sure we will look into it though
I will let you know thanks!
Yeah, when I put the handle bars on I just left them like that. It became normal :D
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