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I have polished/restored many plastic fuel tanks for 1985 - 1986 ATC250R.

I have posted a similar thread for TRX250R fuel tanks, but I just found the ATC section of the forum and had to post this here....


I live in Mesa Arizona, but if you want to ship me a tank, I will be happy to polish it and ship it back. I charge $60 for the polish work, and it usually takes me about 4 hours to one.

I polish these tanks using wet sandpaper and elbow grease. I can tell you that I had to really take a big gamble when I started doing these, because I needed a good looking tank for my ATC250R, and I couldn't find one.

To start, I use the back side of a kitchen sponge with dish soap to scrub the whole tank down, twice. This is not to clean the tank, but to dislodge/remove any dirt on the outside of the tank that will make the next steps a total nightmare! Leave any dirt on this when you start sanding, and you will hate yourself later...
I usually will shave the tank with a razor blade (by hand) to remove deep scratches. Then I wash the tank off with soapy water again.
Next I will wet sand the part using 400 to remove all of the white sun rot / oxidization. Rinse with soapy water again...
After I get all the white junk off an deep scratches out, I move up to 600 wet sand paper. Rinse again...
Once I have covered the whole tank with the 600, I rinse the tank off again with soapy water, and do the same thing with 800, and finally 1000.
I finish the process using a drill and some foam pads that are normally used to polish headlights on cars. The pads buff and then polish the tank. Never use these if you have not sanded the thank like I have described, or you will just waste your time.

*I have sanded a tank all the way up to 2000 before, and buffing/polishing came out the same as with the 1000. If I didn't have the drill and foam pads, I would sand up to 3000 so I could polish with a soft cloth and heat gun.

I have not done this to fenders or anything other than fuel tanks, but I would not be surprised if it also worked on them.

I do advertise for this service on Craigslist in Phoenix, and if you want to ship me a fuel tank, I will be happy to do this to your tank.

I have included photos of my personal 250R so you can see how my own tank looks.


You are certainly welcomed to contact me if you have any issues with my process.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I am using 4" buffing/polishing pads, and they have velcro on them to stick on the drill bit. These pads need to be installed OFF CENTER!!! It needs to be off center to keep from burning the plastic!!!!!!

If you do burn the plastic, just sand it back down with 1000, and slow down the drill. The pads need to be off center by about 1/4 of the total pad diameter to keep from burning the plastic.

Don't think you can hurry through this step just because your arms are tired from sanding for hours, this is where you ethier make an +A restoration or a +B restoration. So GO SLOW, and watch what you are doing.

Again, sorry for reposting this, but I feel the ATC crowd may have missed this info.

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i had a tank done by hunter came out great ,I referred someone last year and he was no longer doing them.
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