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another mini gets the tear donw & rebuild ..frame gussets lowering etc ..

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ok so the kiddo's 70 is almost complete .. now the 90 has torn down & getting some LITTLE mods :lol: that include fixing the rear brake setup, moving steering stem upper mount ,gusseting the frame , moving shock mounts and trimming excess weight !!
.. only a few pics rt now of the ongoing work but more to come
the 90 is an older 06 ..& I can see the differences in frame mostly the frame & swingarm need the most attention on the chassis ..1st big system on the 06 I will be modding is the rear brake mess !!
it has to be like the 07 70 set up to make her comfortable when ridng both machines ..
check out the crappy factory set up ....well its out of here !

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more pics of the section of the frame I plan to mod/fix :)
the steering stem upper mount location,.. heres comparing the 06 to the 07 .the 07 is obviously stronger & better ... because its higher & supports the stem closer to the bars ..

1st the 06 crap

the 07

a couple pics of the fix/mod :) after weld & before PC of coarse lol

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well I am not an expert (yet ) ..on mini quads .. but I would yes ..
& considerring Kasea I beleive has stopped production from I understand ..
the attraction of the Apex are dual a arms w/ adjustable cambers ,adjustable shocks , water cooled motor ,high preformance clutch,adjustable timing & (07)very strong frame all from the factory & just for starters ..stock ..
I'll post a link to the apex site & to a few sellers in the midwest ...& if ya look on ebay for the apex you will see the 08 long travels quads they have just put out on the market

PS I wouldn't touch a typhoon w/a 10 ft pole LOL I can explain why anther time if ya like
cool another apex owner ,..yeah the apex is good machine stock,a good platform for mods also . ..correction the 07 & 08 are good !!!
but like many (big & small ) quads they need mods to be competitve
its 06's that are not quite up to my standards for racing & have obvious differences ..I gonna guess yours is a 07 & you dont race??

my daughter will be racing MX with 2 (70 and 90 )this year but primarily putting our biggest efforts into the "metrakit" 70 :) for her first year quad racing ,last year she raced 2 50cc bikes & moving up to 65's (ktm)this year ,heres a link to some info & pics of the fully powdercoated 70 custom we have going
look into the better Kevlar belts,..& replace both weights & springs ... just wondering who built the slipper sprocket your using ? where do you race ? class cc class ? is the class specifically for cvt's over 90cc's..? or some sort of open class ..?..meaning do you run against all different types of minis or just cvt's ?
ok these pics are going back to the 1st post ,the "mess" you saw above was completely removed & all mount tabs cut out & modded ...some 07 type brackets were fabbed up so the 07 type brake system can be mounted heres a few pics to help understand ...

the new 07 style brackets fabbed up &welded in on the 06 frame

the 07 rear brake system mounts from the factory
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heres how the system mounts (07) when installed looking way better then the 06 both quads will work the same way for her

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here in district 6 (PA,NJ,NY)we have several CVT classes & some tracks even have a girls class ...we race these mini's seperate from others like JB mods,cobra's etc..our legal ;) limit is 90cc's tho for the CVT 's I'm told its 1 of the most competitive district's in the country for CVT's..I am new to it & working hard to be ready,.. cause she dont like to loose !! :eek: ... its not unusual to have 5-6 invested a mini here.
not sure what springs & rolllers would be good for a load like sand & sand tires etc..I 'm sure it strains stock motor tho ! maybe clutch should upped to 2000/2400 rpm also ..let me know what you come with up
Yeah I was asking about the slipper sprocket & I aware of West Coast's set up because it is the final motor mod I am considering ,I have a semi-local guy ready to let me try the setup before we actually pay for it so ..but the 70 motor is at 69.87 cc's & already has a ported metrakit topend ,the stock apex gears were replaced with hardened trans gears & a trans countershaft bushing & has the 4.5 gram rollers & red springs (forget the detail on them ) & thinking about a unrestricted variator set up depending on how hard it pulls w/the porting ..& next I gotta figure out wether we like the 2K or 2400 rpm clutch springs for launches & best gearing for the tracks we run

these cvt mini's are gonna make me think & work way to hard LOL & then we are gonna do up her 90cc after that !
these apex's sit a little HIGH IMO & we run alot hard pack MX tracks here so I am hoping lowering these a tad will be ok for them ...just hope the ground clearance issue doesnt bite me in the ass ... but if it ever does I do have other unmodded & stock swingarm & a arms ready to go
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Nice work(as usual for you) Dave.I havent came across an APEX machine around here.Are they better than the Kasea,obviously the water cooling is a big plus.The Extreme Typhoon looks like a miniature R,but the four stroke engines lack the power of the old 2 stroke 90's they replaced.Ive been looking around,my girl is about to have to say bye-bye to the LT-50.
Dave what are ya looking for new or used wanna spend a bunch or a little??
if lookin for used I have a very nice all stock but wheel spacers LT80 or I have a full race ready w/ extended axle a arms ,works shocks, renthals,WRH engine & pipe douglas wheels ,maxis tires etc many parts ,.. just plain fast built up eton viper 90 I am seling
ok so here are the pics of the 06 gusset(s) work to make the it stronger like the 07 is from the factory ..

1st a pic of the 07 rear frame gussets & shock rear mount ,.. its located forward on the crossmember

the next 3 pics show 6 more gussets were added to the 06 & rear shock mount was relocated from the back side of crossmemeber to front side to be same as the 07
this help get the back end down & promotes better handling

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yeah sorry I have been a little busy ,powdercoating 90 parts ,selling her KTM 50's working on finishing up the 70 , getting the motor in the 70 apex etc etc but ..
but yes actually I am just about done powdercoating all the 90 parts ...
will have some pics of them shortly ...
I didnt show the 06 swingarm 's work before PC heres apic of the 06 swingarm with rear shock mount relocated to lower the rear a bit & added in gussets for strength like the 07 swingarms are built at the swingarm pivot ... & if you look carefully at the chain tensioner it has its own bracket to mount it further forward on the swingarm & not on the skid/ guard keep it off the ground better it now mounts right on the swingarm

06 swingarm

07 swingarm

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naah there is better 1's out there for sure ..ours will be some of best looking tho .. & may run in the top 3-5 where we 're gonna racing this year ..but that kinda depends how she does for her 1st year ,.. she'll have 2 good running mini's
its the suspension(s) that I am just getting started with ;)
no I haven't called John .. I had a guy send me several shocks in different lengths to see where I wanna be at the rear ..then I will decide about the shock set up I am wanting ,then John will be hearing from me...
for now the original fronts were completely rebuilt for her weight by a co. in florida that builds mini suspensions for these apex's
just got the 70 metrakit apex running fired on 3rd kick ...did a couple heat cycles & fine tuned it the best I could with out any help/tips yet ...its flies screams ...runs about as fast as her WRH modded eton 90 ...the lil apex will spin rear tires on asphault !!
yessir :)
dont worry Neil we aint gonna burn 'er up just yet !!
the biggest reasons for the power are fresh top end ,the 90 gears that are in trans already , & port design of the Metrakit cylinder better clutch setup & timing changes
its not so uncommon for good running 70's with these to run with some of the 90's BTW ..especially the older ones.. yeah I am still fooling with the jetting ,.. changed the main & went leaner on the bottom ,it didnt like to idle long & at times it has been hard restarting .. trying to decide if I should back off the timing some too ..or maybe it has a erratic grounding problem ...still getting the bugs out & tuning 'er

btw Neil how did the reeds look to you ? look at that them ? & have any problems re installing the flywheel ? ....a few times I didnt see spark
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heres how the 70 looks naked .. got a few bugs to work out ..we're almost there ..

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all powdercoat is done & just getting started on the 90 ..& only lil over a month before we start racing them ..

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