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another mini gets the tear donw & rebuild ..frame gussets lowering etc ..

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ok so the kiddo's 70 is almost complete .. now the 90 has torn down & getting some LITTLE mods :lol: that include fixing the rear brake setup, moving steering stem upper mount ,gusseting the frame , moving shock mounts and trimming excess weight !!
.. only a few pics rt now of the ongoing work but more to come
the 90 is an older 06 ..& I can see the differences in frame mostly the frame & swingarm need the most attention on the chassis ..1st big system on the 06 I will be modding is the rear brake mess !!
it has to be like the 07 70 set up to make her comfortable when ridng both machines ..
check out the crappy factory set up ....well its out of here !

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Dave u must have the sickest minis out there...

any news on that rear shock..did u end up calling?
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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