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a little off topic.. but another one of those darn banshee riding friends of mine is doing some tweeking on his bike..... he just got the jugs ported ... anyways he got it ported and the intake is huge.... compared to the ports in the piston.. he does not know what to do.... i say hes gunna have to port his new pistons to match and we pretty much agree... but just a little woried if you can screw up your intake timing if you do not take the material out in the right place on the piston... however we noticed that the intake ports never close ... so i would think that it doesn't matter... mudruns is in 2 weeks and would like to have this thing together..... haha mind ya we just got like almost a foot of snow last night with freezing rain :blink: iv been plowing snow all day when i soulda been ridding my sled :rolleyes: anyones advice would be great ... haha should be on a banshee page ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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