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'89 trx 250r motor weight

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I have to ship an '89 trx 250r motor. Does anyone know how much this stock engine weighs with no carb exaust etc...? Any help would be great. Thank you. Great site by the way I just joined.
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:blink: what , dont own a bathroom scale ?
no, I left it at your moms house.
About 50lbs or so.
no, I left it at your moms house.
overflowing with originality :rolleyes:
I think the last one I shipped was around 60lbs with box & packing.

Ya'll :lol: now that scale deal was funny :eek:
i payed $75 to ship one thats all i know
What's ya shippin the motor for?? A new build up I hope, let's hear it..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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