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88 R stolen!!

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My 1988 was stolen last week!

If ya'll see one posted for sale anytime soon that looks like this please report.

Thank you

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Sorry to hear, that sucks. I’ll let you know if I come by something similar looking. Hope you track it down.
I hate to read about these stories. Will be looking. Look for the part out too. I do hope it's recovered.
I have been very upset about this and I thought it was long gone.

It was stored in my toy hauler along with 2 other dirt bikes, well they stole the whole package.

update: they located the 2 bikes and the toy hauler! but..... unfortunately no 250r.

I just picked up my bikes at least and already have settled with ins. on the toy hauler.

We have a great detective working on the case and the it is still open so maybe I will get lucky.

Located in Michigan, thanks for looking.
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At least you got the others back and there is some hope.. still sucks. I’ve had a jeep stolen so I know the feeling
So sad to hear this, but glad you got your bikes and trailer back. I’m in MI too, and will keep my eyes open on Marketplace and Craigslist.
Great News!!!
They found my 250r !!!
Thanks to tips we received from various posts, the bad guys lost!!

I am happy to report a complete recovery of ALL that was stolen!

Thanks again to everyone for keeping an eye out, it DEFINENTLY works!!

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Great way to start the new year. Definitely happy for you
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Wow that’s awesome, good for you!!!!
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So happy you got everything back!!
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