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I am about to finish the restoration of my 86 trx250r. It will going up for sale very soon. Here are some details.
1. CT racing 350 power valve cylinder completely rebuilt. All new bearing including transmission bearings. Bored cylinder just one size up from original size. 38 mm Keihin carburetor. 2 exhaust pipes both CT racing. One is the powervalve whale pipe the other is a mid range pipe. Both use the same CT racing muffler.
2. Oversized brand new aluminum radiator
3. American star +2 A-arms with tcs zero preload adjustable shocks.
4. Eyeball engineering swingarm stock length with tcs zero preload adjustable shock
5. Lonestar racing +2 axle with adjustable width collars.
6. New pearl white Maier plastic.
7. Aluminum CT racing airbox.
8. The frame (stock no cracks) and rear swingarm are fresh powder coated red. The front and back grab bars powder coated black. The hubs are powder coated red. The engine is polished.
I also have dirt tires and paddle tires.
I am posting this before it's done in case anyone interested would like something done differently during the final stages of the build. I am meticulous in my build. I have grouped pictures of the entire build. I've included just a couple pictures of the project here. That is the new radiator sitting on the front. I'm estimating my price at $6000. I've seen other priced higher and lower. I feel I am right in the fair price range. Anyone interested please contact me here. I should have it completely built in the next couple of months.
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