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here some things that have been sitting in my garage for years. if you want anything, shoot me an offer. im gonna throw everything on ebay in a week.

stock '86 radiator. it has a leak.

stock tie rods. they're straight, but i'd say 2 ball joints need replacing. stock and aluminum/plastic shrouds

laser star handle bar light mount, stock '86 clutch lever, shock covers, '86 air boot, '86 rear motor mount, 2 kicker shafts.

stock reeds. i think the other one is some old mossbarger/1dir racing cage. not completely sure though

stock front and rear shocks. stock '86 bumper. '86 left fot peg.

2 stock axles. as far as i know, they are both straight.

left side case half. shift shaft/case saver area is shot.

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