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I just purchased a Walsh Savior and Fox DSC for my ltr and unfortunately I have to sacrifice selling my R to get it :( It's an 86' trx 250r that has new paint on the frame, aarms, steering stem, swing arm, and the motor. It has a curtis sparks full exhaust, K&N filter, vforce 3 reeds, hinson clutch basket with barnett clutches, pro design kill switch, Maier race cut plastics(stock ones also included), durablue stock width axle, new aarm bushings, new swing arm bushings, new steering stem bearing, DG front bumper, AC grab bar, and I'm sure there are a couple odds and ends I'm missing! I have some spare stock parts that came off the bike as well. The rear shock needs replaced because the rebound is frozen and it springs back even after rebuilding it! The motor could use some freshening up, too. I bought this quad back in early 04 for 3000 almost completly stock! Since then I've put nearly 2 thousand into this bike and now I'm offering it for 2200 FIRM! I live in northeast Ohio and I am willing to drive a little ways to meet. THIS THING NEEDS GONE!! --axis front shocks not included unless someone wishes to pay a little extra. This quad was primarily a trail quad but was rode in a few local races back in 04. Since it's rebuild in early 06 it has been collecting dust so it's time to go!
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