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450R shocks

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I just recently picked up a '87 250R and it has a set of Works triple rate w/remote res. that are compression adjustable. Problem is that they are leaking like crazy. So here is my dilema, do I send them off to get rebuilt (not sure what that will cost) or run a set of 450R shocks? I heard that 450R shocks work, is that true. Years ago, many years ago, I used to run Works shocks and thought they were horrible, have they gotten any better over the years? Any suggestions from personal experience with either shock would be appreciated. Thanks!
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450r shocks i think wold be a tight fit let me know how it works if you try. i was thinking about buying works shocks but now that you said they didnt work for you i dont know
yes the 450r shocks work but hey raise the front up a slight bit. and the rear don't fit. IMO is that you send the works shocks off and have rebuilt and revalved to your weight and riding style. and i plan on send my 450r shocks to works and have rebuilt and put there triple rate spring kit on them and pick up one of there rear shocks.
the works as they come from the factory, are valved very generically, and work poorly. my advice send off the works to a reputible shock rebuilder and have them rebuilt for your weight and ridding style. youll love the results.
If you are unhappy with works, send your works shocks to someone else to get rebuilt and revalved. You can send them to TCS, Noleen, Elka, Axis, or you might even have some local shops that can set them up. You can also get them converted to zero preload if you prefer that set up.
I have the 450r shocks on my quad. They fit fine and IMO better than any works shock Ive ever ridden on.
the early PEP's and TCS shocks all used works bodies. if the works have the proper valve stacks and spring rates, they will work fantastic.
the shocks do fit but they are about an inch longer then stockers....if you run the stock arms they suck because they are too stiff. verrry stiff!!! if you run extended arms they get better but i'm 185 and i have mine set on softest preload/ride height and softest compression as well but is still a bit stiff with my +4 over arms...
I have 450 front shocks on my R and they are really stiff!!
"eye to eye length for stock 450r front shocks?"

I'v asked this 450r length question about 8 times in various other forums and never-ever got a single reply. Im starting to beleive that no one in the whole world knows the answer to this question

Mine are mounted on my R and measure 16" eye to eye. I believe they are 16.5" unmounted. I have mine on +2 arms and have been happy with them. Hope that helps you out!

confirm 450R pls ;)

yes they are 450r front shocks that are mouted on and 86 R. Some people have an issue with the reservoirs and have to mount them facing forward but if you have aftermarket air shrouds, they do not seem to be a problem. I have been pleased with mine and have heard from several people on other forums that they are better than a generic type works shock, but opinions vary...

I thought I remembered you having a long travel set up, why the interest in stockers?

i have always heard that they are about an inch wider too, but never seen an actual off the quad uncompressed eye to eye length. there are a few guys on here with 450R shocks, hopefully someone can get a a real confirmed measurement.
i have always heard that they are about an inch wider too, but never seen an actual off the quad uncompressed eye to eye length. there are a few guys on here with 450R shocks, hopefully someone can get a a real confirmed measurement.
Hey this is my first post!!! anyways I just picked up an 88 250R B) and I bought a set of 450R shocks off of Ebay. Ok the moment everyone is waiting for:

Uncompressed eye-eye length= 16.5 inches.
upper shock mount bushing width= .750"
lower shock mount bushing width= about 1.2" Im too lazy to run downstairs and remeasure.

hope this helps......
Ive been wondering if I could add a spacer under the piston to bring the eye-eye length of the 450R shock to match the 250R shock? Im in the process of getting all the tools I need to rebuild shocks so I guess Ill found out! :D
Works shocks

Hey everybody. I heard from a reputable shock builder that works went out of business @ 6 months ago. I knew they went out of business but did not know the details. I guess both owners died and the daughter didn't want to run the company, so she shut it down. He said works shocks are super hard to find parts for if at all. I have a set of works front shocks and the SUCK totally. 600 $ for shocks that have no adjustments at all, not even pre-load. Didn't know that when i bought them. I should have but they said nothing about adjustments. I have a works rear shock and it works excellent. That's why I bought the fronts. Don't even notice bumps on the rear. But the front end is all over the place. I would really like to know exactly how long 450R shocks are from eye to eye center. If there to stiff maybe I can put my works TRS springs on there. If they fit. That's a big if.
Thanks a lot guys
Hello again. David 93073 says 450R front shocks are 16.5 inches. Is that eye center to center or eye to eye ? If there only a 1/2 inch longer than 250R shocks it shouldn't raise the front a whole lot ???
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Picture of my roller with 450r shocks up front so you can get an idea how it sits but keep in mind there's no motor in there.
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That's also with +2+1 a arms which is supposed to give it a stance not as high as with standard length arms from what I've read.
I call B.S. on the fact that works shocks cannot rebuilt....Any reputable shock person can rebuild them...Seth Fligge comes to mind for starters....
I just had a set of works rebuilt last month my shock builder told me parts from works were running out but he found a new source for replacement parts.
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