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450r shocks on 250r worth it ?????

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wanting to do some tt & flat trackin. was wondering if it would be worth the time and money to upgrade springs, and revalve some 450r stockies, or will they even fit
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I've got a set of revalved/resprung 450R shocks on mine, on LSR +2/+1 arms - went right on, no problem.
Well, it's $825 to get the MX conversion done on all 3 shocks, and that price includes the LT rear link (from Derisi Racing). I don't know what they charge for just the fronts, and I nailed this full set of shocks on ebay for $500. Sold the link the the rear shock for $260, so I'm only into the fronts for $240 now. Not bad.

Laz at GT Thunder can hook up a set of stcok fronts, full conversion, for $395.

If it's something you're after, just watch ebay for a set to pop up - they're on there frequently. Here's whay they look like - ride report in a few weeks once the motor is back together...

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Normalz, will radiator shrouds fit with the 450r shocks?
They should - I've seen other 450R shocks on there with shrouds. My CFM shrouds should be here any day, so when they get in I'll get them on and snap a pic for this thread.
Yep, shrouds fit, shocks clear. Almost all are close to the same dimensions as the CFM shrouds, and these things clear the 450R shocks easily. Not a contact concern anywhere on them:

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Looks sweet. In your post above you mentioned a rear link from Derisi racing. Can you tell me more about that.
That comes with the MX suspension package for the 450R shock revalve/respring work they do. The $825 gets you all three shocks reworked, and the link. Not for the 250R, though. Here's what it looked like before I sold it - good, very high quality stuff, for sure:

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Not to knock anyones setup or opinion,but if you pay 200-350 for a full set of stock 450r shocks,and then pay 800 bucks to have them set up,wouldnt it make more sense to just try to score some nice used aftermarket 250r shocks?
Depends on if that's the route you go - it wouldn't make any sense to drop that kind of money on it, that way. You still end up with reworked stock shocks.

However, if you can score a set of 450R fronts for about $100 (see them often at that price), then spend another $300 to get them revalved/resprung, then you've got some great shocks at 1/2 the price of a good set (just good, not great) of aftermarket shocks.

The numbers I tossed out up there were specifically for what I scored on ebay. For $500 shipped. That was the equivalent cost of the setup I grabbed. The 450R rear will not fit on the 250R, so it doesn't make much sense for someone to grab a full set - I just couldn't get the seller to split it up. I sold that rear and link, that I couldn't use, for $260. Final result? Great set of fronts for $240. That's a screamin' deal.

If you search and wait, you can find some pretty good deals out there, and reworking some 450R fronts can be a good deal, too. Just trying to clarify...
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