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350PV motor ok for trail riding?

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I have been looking at some 250r's and the three I have been looking at have a ct 350pv, ESR 340 Power Valve cylinder with TRX 9 porting, and "350cc big bore stroker engine built by ct racing"

I am planning on doing mostly trail riding with some track riding and some dunning. Are these motor reliable enough for that or are they strictly dunning/drag motors?

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350 's are usually too much for trail riding for most ,..310-330 motors ...for trails tops ..
I even remember hearing about some pro GNCC riders that thought 350's were too much for XC racing
350's can be kept cool no problem .(aftermarket radiators,& good cooling system)
they can be very reliable as all hondas...LOL( assuming the guy turning the wrenches behind the scenes knows what he is doing )

it just that the power is usually an overkill for trails
get it !! For trail riding you can never have enough power on tap. As long as these 350's are reliable, you have a coupla years of riding experience, and you have the cash to afford one, then get it. Oh and stick with the powervalve for trail riding, it should give a smoother power curve and that makes it easier to ride on the trails with your buddies.

those big 350's need the cases machined for the big jugg, is there anything a buyer should look for with the 350 engine setup ?
Denny have you ever ridden a 350 R on a trail ??
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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