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350PV motor ok for trail riding?

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I have been looking at some 250r's and the three I have been looking at have a ct 350pv, ESR 340 Power Valve cylinder with TRX 9 porting, and "350cc big bore stroker engine built by ct racing"

I am planning on doing mostly trail riding with some track riding and some dunning. Are these motor reliable enough for that or are they strictly dunning/drag motors?

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I think dollar for dollar #3 would be the best choice. It looks like the owner took good care of it and didn't thrash it. The oem swingarm looks to be in good condition. At least from what the picture shows. I think they are a little high on the 10k invested but I guess if they paid someone to do all the labor. As far as the 350 goes it all depends on the porting as to weather or not it'll make a good trail bike. My 310 is waaay to much for trails. For the price of the bike though; you could easily sell the jug on e-bay and buy another jug with a smaller bore. That may lead to troubles because of the case being bored. It may be easier to remove the strocker crank and spacer plate, I think that can be done without f-n up the port timing. Either way, I'd go with #3
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