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2023/1986 TRX250R XC Build

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The 250R addiction is alive and well over here againšŸ˜

I had so much fun redoing and riding my Dad's 250R last year that I've decided to build another one specifically for XC racing. I've never raced before, but it looks like a darn good time. Sure, I could use my current 250R, but I've convinced myself that I don't want to ruin my Dad's old R through racing abuse. Besides, I really enjoy building them and turning nothing into something.

That said, here's my nothing. I picked up this 86 roller from Craigslist somewhat on a whim. In hindsight, I probably should have found a better candidate to start with, but it's my nothing now. Here's a picture from the Craigslist ad:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

I wish I had better and more pictures to show the before, but this is really the only one that I have with it all together. It's going to be quite the transformation, I promisešŸ˜‰
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