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2023/1986 TRX250R XC Build

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The 250R addiction is alive and well over here again馃榿

I had so much fun redoing and riding my Dad's 250R last year that I've decided to build another one specifically for XC racing. I've never raced before, but it looks like a darn good time. Sure, I could use my current 250R, but I've convinced myself that I don't want to ruin my Dad's old R through racing abuse. Besides, I really enjoy building them and turning nothing into something.

That said, here's my nothing. I picked up this 86 roller from Craigslist somewhat on a whim. In hindsight, I probably should have found a better candidate to start with, but it's my nothing now. Here's a picture from the Craigslist ad:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

I wish I had better and more pictures to show the before, but this is really the only one that I have with it all together. It's going to be quite the transformation, I promise馃槈
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This will be another complete ground up rebuild.

My goal is to build a blue brother to my current 250R - reference: '86 TRX250R Build. Basically, the exact same look, except replace the red with blue.

Also, the chassis setup will largely be inspired by @Burns350R OEM framed no-link XC built R. He's figured out how to be competitive and win against the modern 4-strokes, so taking a page out of his book makes a whole lot of sense. I greatly appreciate all of his documented build details and videos.

The power plant will be a Selvy CEO 363 big bore.
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Again, I wish I would have found a better platform to build off from, but it's what I have, so we're going to save it. The frame was gusseted previously, but the gussets seemed to be homemade and welded in very poorly. I decided to take a ton of extra time and remove all of the old gussets, which was a total PIA.

Here's where we started:
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The frame is now with DBC Racing to install a new Pumashine complete gusset kit and re-powder.
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I like your idea of doing one in red & one in blue. Years ago on my R I had everything that was red painted blue & everything that was gold was painted silver. Always wanted to have a red/silver version of my R & the 86 I picked up a couple years ago happened to be the exact red/silver combo I was wanting. They look awesome sitting next to each other.
Glad you were able to find the matching R that you wanted. I bet they do look pretty awesome together. You should post some pics!
I rebuilt all the brakes today. These components were all used and pretty rough looking to start; it鈥檚 amazing what vapor blasting can do. This is a complete TRX450R setup.
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It鈥檚 been a while since I鈥檝e provided an update. A lot of progress is being made, but nothing is done yet, unfortunately. I鈥檓 currently waiting on porting, case boring, gusseting, and powder coating.

However, I just received my new seat cover from Fourwerx. Here鈥檚 a little flavor of the blue brother theme that will be carried out with this build.
Automotive design Sleeve Tire Automotive exterior Automotive tire

I also made it official by joining the AMA and registering for my D14 series. Of course I had to get the Honda version of the AMA card馃槉
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How are you liking those pegs so far?
I鈥檓 a big fan of the WMD pegs. Super solid feel and great grip with the wider design, super sharp teeth, and kick up at the end. I鈥檇 definitely buy them again.

However, I want nerf bars for this build, so I鈥檓 going with a set of AC pro-peg style with heel guards.
Wmd ? Im in search of new pegs or direct fit nerfs for my 86
Wicked Metal Designs. You can order the 86/87 pegs directly from WMD here: 86-87 TRX250R FOOT PEGS
Man I called and they told me they dont make them anymore I called yesterday
That's strange... did you talk to Rob directly?

I just went through the process of trying to order them on their website; it looks like you can submit an order if you want to try that route.
I鈥檝e had some major setbacks with this build, with the greatest being the passing of Rob Selvy馃槩

Rob was an awesome dude, an absolute master of his craft, and he will always be a legend in the 250R community. Rest easy, my friend.

Unfortunately, he did not get to finish my 363 project prior to getting sick. I鈥檓 actually unsure how far along he got with it or if he even touched it. I鈥檝e been in contact with the Selvy family, which I hope they鈥檙e able to track down my project and send it back to me, whatever condition it may be in馃馃徎馃檹馃徎
In preparation for the 363, the entire bottom end has been completely redone by DBC Racing - new OEM bearings and seals, bored and powder coated cases, Hinson basket with OEM 89 clutch upgrade and Neil mod, and Hot Rods +4mm crank.
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DBC Racing had the frame blasted, a Pumashine complete gusset kit tig welded in, and then everything powder coated by TLR. I went with Prismatic Powders 鈥榊Z Blue鈥 and Columbia Coatings 鈥楤lack Mini Texture鈥.
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Now I鈥檓 getting started on the reassembly鈥 in the house馃榿 It鈥檚 MUCH warmer than out in my garage.
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The other delay is the availability of the ISF no-link swingarm and steering stem. I鈥檓 hopeful that Steve is able to build me these pieces soon. I鈥檝e ordered the front shocks, but I鈥檓 waiting until I have confirmation on the no-link swingarm before placing the rear shock order.
Looks like it will be another great build. Good luck with getting everything together.
Now if I can only convince the other half to bring my next 250r build in the house鈥. lol

Cant wait to see the end result
Thanks! I didn't actually ask mine... I brought the frame inside when I got it back from powder coating and just started assembling little by little. Then at some point it turned into full-on assembly and what you see now馃し馃徏鈥嶁檪锔忦煒 It's certainly been nice keeping it inside since it's been so cold out here in MI without a heated garage; otherwise, I really don't think I'd be this far along with the rebuild. I need to take it back out to the garage soon or it'll never fit through the doors without some disassembling.

Here's the latest progress.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Synthetic rubber

I'm getting close to a standstill without having 3 critical parts - a steering stem, a swing arm, or an engine. I'm at the mercy of ISF on when he gets around to building the stem and arm, which it's hard telling when that will be. The bottom end is finished, but I'm waiting to have my ESR 363 CEO top end returned to me from the Selvy family. My hope is that they'll locate it and send it back soon, but I fully understand that they're busy with their own lives and grieving the loss of Rob, let alone tracking down all of Rob's customers parts and getting them returned.

There are small odds and ends that I can do in the meantime. One big thing that needs to get done, that I just can't get excited about, is trying to turn these nasty, old OEM fenders into clean, whiter riders. I had pretty great results with my first rebuild when I refinished my OEM fenders, but these are in much, much worse shape than the first ones that I started with.
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This XC build is still on-going, but it won鈥檛 be ready in time for the start of the D-14 XC race series on May 21st, unfortunately. Or possibly the entire race schedule with how things are going. I still need a top end (馃檹馃徎 that I get mine back from the Selvy鈥檚), no-link swing arm from ISF, and shocks from Motowoz. Since I haven鈥檛 gotten confirmation on the swing arm I haven鈥檛 even ordered the rear shock yet. The front shocks should be shipping any day now, though.

I鈥檓 still racing the series, but using my other 250R. I made some updates to help ensure it鈥檚 ready for the series - ditched the swing arm skid plate and added a Hess rotor guard and BCC sprocket guard, Cycra hand guards, and an 01 CR ignition.

We had a training/practice day yesterday - she ripped!
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How do you like those gps wheels? I thought about running them. Any thoughts on a tire set up for desert 21/20s or 23/22?
Sorry I missed responding to this! I see that you already went with the GPS wheels and ITP tires. Aside from mounting my Obor tires, I don鈥檛 have any experience with them yet.
I realize that I鈥檓 way behind on updates. The blue XC build is still in-progress, so I鈥檝e been racing the D-14 XC series with my red R. I鈥檝e only been able to make 3 out of the 4 races thus far, but the R has performed beautifully. I鈥檓 racing C class being that it鈥檚 my first time racing. My three races have resulted in the following finishes: 2nd place/holeshot, 1st place/holeshot, and 3rd place. It鈥檚 been an absolute blast. Here鈥檚 some pics from the 1st race at the Fredneck Ranch in Frederic, MI.
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Here鈥檚 some pics from the 2nd race at Bundy Hill Off-Road Park. There were polar opposite riding conditions on this course - where it was dry it was so dusty to the point you couldn鈥檛 see and where it was wet in the woods there were quad engulfing sized water holes. Thankfully I was able to avoid submarining the R in the water holes. Others weren鈥檛 as fortunate.
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My third race was back at the Fredneck Ranch. I didn鈥檛 get the holeshot, but I blame that on poor line positioning. We initially lined up, where I was positioned where I wanted to be, then we had to move everyone back where I squeezed to the furthest outside location. Oh well, I still finished 3rd for the day.
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