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4,272 Posts what are you guys gonna do in 2008?
Being a 56 year old man, I guess I could try & shoot for making some more babys before I die :D , but realisticly :( ,
I would like to try & help my soninlaw clinch a 1st place championship in Pro & Pro Am Production EDT & my daughter, help her shame a bunch more of those high priced 4 pokes with her 330 Honda 250R in the open class.
Soninlaw placed 4th in both classes for 07 & daughter, 4th in womens & 8th in open nationally.
Never though I would see the day that any of my crew would be featured in ATV Sports or Dirt Wheels mags or even the ATVA monthly new paper, but they have.

Happy new year to everybody here on TRX250R.Net & Thanks to all that have allowed me to do porting work for them + lets all try to show love for each other in 08, we'll be better than all the others if we'll do that.
:) Neil
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