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1986 250R Total Rebuild - suppliers

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Hello everyone, i can finally get started on my 1986 project. The frame has been reinforced and is off to get powder coated. My next step is to rebuild the engine. It's stock and runs but not strong, the compression is low. I have no history on it but since i have the funds ill be doing a full tear down and rebuild.

I live on the west coast of canada, can anybody provide a few distributors that i can source for replacement parts for the engine and transmission?

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I don't know about Canada, but most places are back to somewhat normalcy, for parts. You will still wait for the bigger stuff like motor parts and suspension goodies.
Ebay and FB marketplace are a good start as well as facebook groups, after that, its all the other know manufacturers and suppliers.
My suggestion is try to figure out all the parts you need - if you have the funds, buy them all at once at one place and have them shipped to you in one box, if they won't ship to Canada, see if they can send to a UPS store across the border and pick it up or have them (re-ship) it to you. You will waste a ton of time and money with shipping if you buy little by little.
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