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Early 1987 I walked into a Honda dealership and saw it, bought it, I was flush, just turned journeyman operator, making good money. Early 2022, riding solo at Glamis due to unfortunate circumstances. Having fun rode for an hour or so and I feel my quad kinda let out and died. First time ever I tried to kick start it and it was like kicking feathers zero compression. 35 years! I am impressed. All original except cylinder head, pistons , rings . Shout out to the crew that pulled up to me asked if I needed help. They tried to kick it also and laughed. Towed me to Oldsmobile gave me a cold beer we talked, watched, they said every day is a Saturday even though it was Tuesday. They then proceeded to take me all the way to my truck loaded my quad for me. Would not take a dime. They were retired, I love them all. I will pay it forward. EVERY DAY IS A SATURDAY!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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