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  1. Building 330r PV. Need help with a couple of details

    I have been building my 250R for almost a year now. ( meaning I have been buying and stock piling parts when I can afford them ) I have new ESR cases, rebuilt oem long rod, 330 PV with trx 9 port, kit form ESR, 38mm carb. Running race gas. My next things are what set up should I use for the...
  2. jetting getting dialed in

    Intake and Fuel
    jetting troubles..i have a fresh 330 pro ported and flowed, with trx 5 centermount bdt eliminator kit, and a 40.5 taper bored carb, that was off of a dif motor now im trying to get it set up for mine, its jetting was all out of whack so I started with a 185 main 52 pilot and dgh needle, it was...