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  1. Wanted
    PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY 250R!!! I have lots of info to help pick out mine from all of the others! (including vin# and pictures) Hello, about 2 years ago I sold my 1986 trx250r to a man named Dave in North Carolina. I sold it because I needed money at the time and asked Dave to let me know if he...
  2. Wanted
  3. For Sale
    SOLD Up for sale is a 1988 Honda TRX250R. *ESR 330 top end kit including pipe, carb, air filter etc. Unreal power. Changable dome in head but race fuel in there now. *Lone Star A-Arms. *PEP Shocks. *New Seat Foam and Jet Trim cover *Factory plastic (trimmed front) one small repair on rear...
  4. For Sale
    Up for sale is a complete 1988 trx250r motor.. let me start with the bad.. the oil plug had been repaired at one point in the motor's life, i don't know how bad or good of a job they did.. it looks fine and i didn't have any leaking there but you will definitely want to check that over, the...
  5. For Sale
    Selling my 86 250. Nothing crazy done to the motor, was set up for alcohol but switched back to race fuel. 205psi in the cylinder has trx11 drag pipe with dual stage powder coat on frame a arms hubs and little things. Crazy bottom end takes my 370 250 out of the hole. I got this bike for the...
  6. Photo & Video
    I recently picked up an 86 250r. The guy I bought it from said he only had it for a short while and he didnt know what engine mods it had but he bought it from someone that raced mx with it. It had a tweaked frame, so I got a new frame off ebay and swapped it out. The video is of my friend on my...
  7. Engine and Transmission
    Hello guys and gals hopeing to find help i got a 86 trx 250r with esr 330 kit cool head,I replaced the orings 3 times now thinking i put them in wrong but after the 3rd try still getting antefreez spitting out the exhaust not a lot just enough to see on the case below the exhaust flange, it is...
1-7 of 7 Results