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  1. For Sale
    The motor is a 87 bottom end with a 4 mil crank and a 350 cylinder full drag ported by rb racing for race gas motor runs great I have videos and times slips if I can find them roughly 15 hours on the top end was on alky but the dome is set up tor race gas. Needs ignition and carb and its ready...
  2. Photo & Video
    This a vid of my 86 atc363r on alky with a fresh drag port, fixed port timing, and a new cut dome running stupid rich just got it all back together
  3. Engine and Transmission
    I know this has probably been posted a million times so sorry to annoy the hell out of everybody I just wanna know before I spend $200 but is it really true you can pull it in with a pinky finger? itll be on a atc363 mostly drag bike/duner with a stock clutch with % 20 stiffer springs. I had a...
  4. Intake and Fuel
    I have prox 370 on alky well I had my intake apart when I was movin now im having a hard time finding my intake manifold I bought the carb off a buddy its a 48mm lectron he said that there aren't many intake manifold set ups for this barley at all he said that they do make 44mm intake manifolds...
  5. Wanted
    Im just lookin for good running stock or mildly built running motor i have a motor but its in a million pieces and missing alot of miscellaneous parts its going on an 86 atc250r if its close or in michigan i can probably come pick it up let me know what you got thanks David
1-5 of 5 Results