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  1. ATC250R
    Hey guys, Recently picked up an 85 250r and I’m totally new to these. had a question about this rear swing arm. Not sure of the brand or anything but I’m thinking it’s aftermarket but missing this bolt in the center of the carrier. What does it do? And can i just replace it with a regular 8mm...
  2. Compatibility Info
    Houser's website says they are not available for the 250R. Anyone know why? Anyone know if there is a way to make the 450 or another models pro bounce nerf fit on a 250R? I apologize if this has been asked before.
  3. Suspension, Chassis, and Braking
    Wondering what everybody uses in the woods. I just got back from beating the snot outa myself with stock 86 shocks. Damn I appreciated my Yz with suspension in it after 5 minutes on the R. It's runs and rides awesome but suspension is needing a upgrade so my 41 year old body might be able to...
  4. Suspension, Chassis, and Braking
    Hello everyone, I am in need of an 88-89 frame. Used is ok, but can't have any current or repaired cracks. The frame i currently have in my bike was cracked and repaired incorrectly sometime before I purchased the bike. The frame cracks in a new location almost every time I ride it. Does anyone...
1-4 of 4 Results