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  1. Engine and Transmission
    Im at a standstill with my build, im having some firing problems with my 86 trx250r. I have recently picked up a ricks stator and an oem cdi because i had lost spark and was trying to dial down the problem. I installed a new ignition coil and it seemed to fix my no spark issue, now i have lots...
  2. For Sale
    2000 CR250 Ignition KZ3T CDI with boot & cr mount, cr kill button, flywheel & stator, coil. I haven't had one this clean in a long time. $475 Shipped Pics won't upload
  3. Engine and Transmission
    I know it's been posted a million times but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I would like to know exactly how to check the stator, flywheel and pickup because I believe that is the problem. Sorry in advance for such a long post but I'll give you all the details on what I did in case...
  4. Engine and Transmission
    My R has been sitting for 3 years or longer. I've been slowly getting parts for it since I got it. It did not come with a voltage reg.. Do I need it to run/start the engine? I have no lights.
  5. General TRX250R Discussions
    I'm building a 1989 R. I bought a 86 engine form ebay it is bored .60 over , ported, and the head milled down. Dude i bought from 3 years ago said it was raced and is fast. I got it off the fed x truck took it straight to the garage. Checked the tranny oil. New honda 80w red oil up in it. Nice...
1-5 of 5 Results