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  1. General TRX250R Discussions
    I just bought my 87 250r a month or so ago. It wasnt in bad condition but ive always wanted one of those 'like new' machines. I have the machine totally tore down right now and im having the frame, swing arms, engine, and hubs powdercoated. im doing a total rebuild on the engine and im having...
  2. Body
    I've recently bought a bored out 250r from my boss. I've just been doing little things like replacing clutch baskets, plates, etc. It has decent what I believe to be OEM plastics cut for race. I would like to buy new plastics in the near future, but am unsure of what to get. I haven't been...
  3. For Sale
    New to the site, have not sold, bought, or posted anything before. Tore the r down a couple weeks ago lookin to get rid of some parts. I looked on ebay and other websites to find what everyone else was selling these parts for so if you think the prices are unreasonable shoot me an offer. All...
1-3 of 3 Results