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  1. General TRX250R Discussions
    I have been building my 250R for almost a year now. ( meaning I have been buying and stock piling parts when I can afford them ) I have new ESR cases, rebuilt oem long rod, 330 PV with trx 9 port, kit form ESR, 38mm carb. Running race gas. My next things are what set up should I use for the...
  2. Photo & Video
    Supp Folks, Here are some pix and video link of my 1987 Honda TRX 250r. Its built for CrossCountry style riding. Check out the video, this is from last weekend. I have a XC race in a couple weeks. Wish me luck, its in Northern CA. I'm Sure Im going to be the only 2smoker there. Thanks
  3. For Sale
    I have a 1987 Honda 250R 2 stroke it's been bored .100 over, has all original plastic the front plastic has the 4 vents with the head light but it's not hooked up. it has a lot of performance parts honestly I don't know what all the thing's are called on it lol I traded a ford F-350 4 door...
1-3 of 4 Results