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  1. Project FINALLY almost done

    Project Quads
    So I got myself a 250r this summer and unintentionally ended up rebuilding it basically from the ground up. The engine was totally stripped, powdercoated candy blue, and totally rebuilt. The frame is currently totally disassembled and the frame, along with swing arm, a-arms, radiator shrouds...
  2. cant wait

    I just bought my 87 250r a month or so ago. It wasnt in bad condition but ive always wanted one of those 'like new' machines. I have the machine totally tore down right now and im having the frame, swing arms, engine, and hubs powdercoated. im doing a total rebuild on the engine and im having...
  3. 87 250r to an 88 frame

    I'm buying an 88 frame and was wondering what issues I will have stripping down my 87 and putting everything on the 88 frame? Any and all advice, knowledge, and help is appreciated as I have never done this. I'm worried about what all won't fit or matchup on this new frame. Thanks for any input...
  4. 310 kit advise ? New user !!!!!!

    I want to buy a 310 kit probaly from ESR, because they are so afordable. I know not everyone is a fan of ESR, I dont want to get in to that. I just purchased a 39mm Mikuni carb from ebay for this project. I really want to know if i need to get a bigger intake and boot. Any advise for performance...
  5. For sale 1986 honda trx250r needs piston and rings

    For Sale
    I have a 86 honda trx 250r for sale great looking bike but needs work I burned a hole in the piston so it needs a piston and rings and it will be ready to ride it has a greyson front bumper, full skid plate including the swing arm, extend 4 a-arms, 2 swing arm, been bored 70 over, boyson...