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powder coating

  1. 86 TRX 250R For Sale

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    Selling my 86 250. Nothing crazy done to the motor, was set up for alcohol but switched back to race fuel. 205psi in the cylinder has trx11 drag pipe with dual stage powder coat on frame a arms hubs and little things. Crazy bottom end takes my 370 250 out of the hole. I got this bike for the...
  2. Quad rebuild this winter.. what colors for frame a-arms and swingarm?? check out pics

    Photo & Video
    ok guys well i blew my bike up then just purchased a new motor on here.. and i decided its way to late in the year to ride so i might as well start my tear down! i want to change up the looks a bit.. I ordered Blue rings for my hipers and new graphics.. check out the pics and let me know what...