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  1. General TRX250R Discussions
    I just bought my 87 250r a month or so ago. It wasnt in bad condition but ive always wanted one of those 'like new' machines. I have the machine totally tore down right now and im having the frame, swing arms, engine, and hubs powdercoated. im doing a total rebuild on the engine and im having...
  2. Body
    I've recently bought a bored out 250r from my boss. I've just been doing little things like replacing clutch baskets, plates, etc. It has decent what I believe to be OEM plastics cut for race. I would like to buy new plastics in the near future, but am unsure of what to get. I haven't been...
  3. Body
    I've seen a lot of videos of guys repairing/renewing their plastics in several ways. Seems like wet sanding and buffing is the way to go. And a heat gun will take out those ugly white stress marks. My question is, will either method take care of the difference in color after you take off a...
  4. For Sale
    all for sale or trade im looking for some aftermarket swing arms and some race plasics let me know if u want any of it and prices top bid wins
1-4 of 4 Results