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  1. Please help me with my trx250r

    Engine and Transmission
    I just bought this TRX250R from a guy and the person that owned it before him spared no expense on creating a high performance machine. Once I purchased it the guy who sold it to me was not honest on the amount of hours that were on the quad. I was able to use it two times before taking the...
  2. need opinions!

    Engine and Transmission
    So I just got my bike back from the shop (top end rebuild) and the top head gasket leaks water when I get it it good and warmed up! When I took it back to the shop he said "it has no head gasket because he was unable to find the correct size" so he just put copper gasket maker in place of...
  3. Broke it already!!!

    Engine and Transmission
    So I've had my bike about three weeks(loving it) until yesterday! I was riding pretty hard and it sputtered a lil bit, I clutched it and reved it for a sec and when I released clutch it died! As soon as I kicked it I knew somthing was wrong cause it had almost no compression. After some looking...